Jacob Joyner landed on Earth in 1992 after 10,843 years of light-speed travel. After arrival, Jacob took the form of a human baby and began his new life on the planet. From a young age, Jivey discovered his love for everything theatrical. First putting on hibachi style cooking shows, next perfecting the craft of magician and finally the presentation of a puppet show. Theatrics were inside the blood of this alien from the moment they stepped on this green blue blob of rock.


Select Commercial Clients:

6 Pack Films, A&A Winery, Bush’s Baked Beans, California Roots Music Festival, Face Age, GCO Consulting, Geotarget, Harvard Business School, Hopscotch Music Festival, Lily Engelhardt Fine Art, Mako Medical, NC Budget & Tax Center, NC 60, Maggie-Alice Productions, Orange Space Theory, Unbridled


Cape Fear Independent Film Festival, Swoon, Best Local Film, June 2015
Reel Teal Film Festival, Swoon, Best Local Film, February 2015
Reel Teal Film Festival, Swoon, Audience Choice Award, February 2015
Cucalorus Film Festival, 10×10 Selected Filmmaker, November 2014

Select Press:

Reel Teal is Really Extraordinary
Local Film Fest Celebrates NC: Two Regionally Made Films Worth Seeing at CF Indie Film Fest