question: what is the meaning of life?
answer: the question

to think in metaphor is to think clearly

everyone wants to change society
no one wants to change themselves

the most valuable commodity in a hyper-connected civilization: clear thought

a modern world is a historically amnesiac one

science is religion without belief

the moment society disvalues education is the moment it begins to fail

the wise speak too little, the foolish too much

the ant does not know the creatures above
the human does not know the creatures above

desiring to do everything
results in doing nothing

action is the thought of the soul

compound interest is true in all scenarios

when a plant isn’t growing, it is dying

filmmaking: to solve a puzzle designed by you for you

music is the drug of parties

quality > quantity 

intuition > intellect

consistency is the trail to transformation

when story transcends genre, it has succeeded

the only advice you should give is to not give advice

gangsters and cops are the same characters

you’re right when you’re wrong

sci-fi and fantasy are the same genre

complexity produces unforeseen consequences
simplicity produces unforeseen complexity

memorization is for school
understanding is for life

if you have no skin in the game
then you shouldn’t be allowed to play

more questions than answers

act like a businessman
think like an artist

photography is just an excuse to go to a new place

writing: the process of rewriting

spending is easier than earning