2022 UNCW MFA Student Short Film

RAISED $1,001.04 / $1,000


A local Wilmington woman, unnamed, was arrested at approximately 4:35am for the murder of a local bar owner. When questioned on her motives, having the state of the body described to her, her only reaction was a small smile. She has refused to cooperate with the local authorities. 

She is set to have her court date 2 weeks.

Without a public lawyer, she will have no leg to stand on. So, she needs your help telling her side of the story.


$1,000 is the baseline of what is needed to get a good telling of her story. The money will be going to go to several different places: Production Design, Food, Transportation, and Film Festivals.


JACOB JOYNER – Writer, Producer, Director, Editor – Jacob Joyner is a writer and director who is making a filmmaking comeback with the film “Last Call.” In his 20s, Jacob created several award winning films. He has dedicated his life and career to filmmaking and he plans to write and direct a feature length film after this project.

You can find all his work on his website!


ANTHONY POLICE as Allen “Al” Green – Anthony J. Police is an American Actor and Writer who was born in Dayton, OH on March 10 1979. At the age of 12 he began to study theatre and film. Following high school, he attended the University of North Carolina in Wilmington where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Performance.

ARIANNA TYSINGER as Eve Mitchell – Arianna has been a working actress along the east and west coasts from the age of 9. Starting her film career at her community college’s TV station, she has been seen in Ford v.s. Ferrari (2019), Dead De La Creme (2018), Interitum (2018), and My Love Lextacy (2016).

ROSS HELTON as Walt Davis – Ross Helton is an actor, known for BaphometGallery (2015) and The Screw (2012). Ross and Jacob collaborated together and created the award winning film “Swoon.” Not only is he an incredible actor but also a master woodworker.

PENELOPE GROVER as Bonny Pender – Penelope Grover is a stage and screen actor. Originally from Long Island, New York, she is known for Momma BirdHarbor Island and Match Struck (2021). Penelope has a wide range as an actor and loves her craft immensely.


The crew for this short film is made up of professionals and students. The undergraduate students involved in this project are the life-blood of the film. Most of the students come from an on-campus club called DEAD FILMMAKERS SOCIETY. This club is focused on increasing the production ability of students and giving them an opportunity to gain experience on real-world sets.

Zach Davenport – Executive Producer
Cate Richards – Assistant Director
Julia Szigethy – Director of Photography
Hannah Hoskins – Production Designer
Ryan Heely – Producer
Josiah Graf – Sound
Alexis Johnson – Script Supervisor
Zach Sbrogna – Camera Operator
Zach Miller – 1st Assistant Camera
Ashley Marshall – 2nd Assistant Camera
Chris Wetherell – Gaffer
Brett Dunlap – Grip


We are shooting on Location at the restaurant “Rooster and the Crow.” The restaurant is located on Water Street in Historic Downtown Wilmington. It is the perfect location for our film. We are beyond thrilled to be supporting and working with this local business!


Why are you not using a crowdsourcing platform like Indiegogo, Speed&Spark, or Kickstarter?
We believe in the power of the artist to customize everything. If we went through a service, we would not have to ability to customize everything on this page. This website page is an art project, within an art project!

When will the film be complete?
The film will wrap post-production in 2023 and sent to festivals about a year from now.

Can I read the screenplay?
Yes! If you want to spoil the film’s ending, email to request the screenplay.

Are you offering any perks?
Contributors will be sent periodic updates about the development of the film. This includes behind the scenes photos and festival updates. All backers will be invited to a private premiere of the film. Everyone who helps us will have their name listed in the credits!

Why do you need money and support?
We are a group film students and independent artists, who are forging a path to professional careers. Filmmaking is difficult and expensive. All support helps, even in spirit!

Will I receive updates about the film?
Yes! We will update contributors in occasional emails.

What guarantees this film will be a success?
Jacob Joyner has created three films that have had successful film festival runs. His film “Swoon” won three awards, including Best Local Film, and Audience Choice.

What else has the director created?
Here is a link to the Jacob’s portfolio:

How do I donate?
Hit the donate button below 🙂